Medical Care for Adjusters

Finally, medical care made just for you

AdjusterCare is a comprehensive Patient Physician Cooperative (PPC) healthcare system that provides easy access to affordable healthcare for independent adjusters through a low monthly payment plan with $0 copay.

AdjusterCare PPC is a healthcare system focusing on wellness and comprehensive healthcare services for both individual independent adjusters and their families.

AdjusterCare offers healthcare plans that include a discount prescription card, labs, medical imaging, dental care, vision, and several benefits that add even more value.

Your plan gives you access to a professional Patient Advocate to help establish your healthcare plan and pre-negotiate the cost of any required procedures or hospital stays - so you can focus on wellness.

Our independent adjuster insurance plans give you access to Teladoc; a national network of board-certified physicians for non-emergency treatment 24/7 when your physician is not available, and even roadside assistance!

Your membership offers the services of your selected personal physician from our member group for primary care visits, preventive care, and management of chronic medical conditions.

We offer healthcare plans for both independent adjuster individuals and families. Our goal is to keep your health and wellness benefits affordable.

No matter the size of your family or the coverage you’re looking for, we have convenient, cost-effective healthcare options for you.

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No waiting, no red tape, $0 copay for primary care, no pre-existing conditions, and low out-of-pocket expenses. No other healthcare system comes close to this value.

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