At AdjusterCare, our goal is to keep your health and wellness benefits affordable.

We have several options for individuals, couples and families.

Basic Plan

Adult: $40 | Child: $20

Includes access to:

  • PPC Provider Network              (Members select their primary care physician from our provider directory. The member then signs a monthly payment agreement that allows the patient to visit this physician as often as wanted.)
  • Simple Save RX (Drexi)
    Gives you the real prices (aka we skip the “markups and fees” part) on your prescriptions, and tells you the pharmacy where you can get them.
  • No cost Lab Testing*
    (Quest or CPL) * Some test are excluded
  • Teladoc                                        (National network of US board-certified physicians, provides telephone and online consultations to treat non-emergency conditions and write short term conditions.)
  • Doc Wellbee
    (Including discounts for dental, vision,
    hearing, and roadside assistance)
  • Patient Advocacy                                     (A personal Patient Advocate is available to guide members through the healthcare system by mediating and negotiating bills on their behalf.)

Concierge Plan

Adult: $89 | Child: $50

Includes access to:


With the added benefit of:

  • Choose a Patient/Physician Cooperatives Primary Care Physician at $0 co-payment                                  OR
  • Nominate your current primary care physician and receive a
    Health Debit Card

Concierge Plus Plan

Adult: $109 | Child: $75

Includes access to:


With the added benefit of:

  • Diagnostic Imaging at $0 cost at participating imaging centers

Typical services provided:

  • X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, PET scan, Ultrasounds, and Mammograms

Optional Add-Ons

Hospital Indemnity Plan. (Available only in Texas)

This guaranteed issue hospital plan provides payments for inpatient/outpatient physician care, facility costs, intensive care, skilled nursing, substance abuse, and treatment of mental illness, all without a deductible. Request Summary of Benefits. 

We also offer Lump Sum Cancer Insurance. It provides a $25,000 benefit upon the first diagnosis of cancer. The cash benefit is a crucial component of the member’s healthcare plan. This allows recovery to be the sole focus, rather than anxiety and stress over financial worries. This plan provides an additional $25,000 benefit for breast cancer and supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Request Summary of Benefits.
Monthly Cost: $96/Person | Maximum Family Cost: $288

Catastrophic Coverage. (Available only in Texas)

Have peace of mind in the worst situation. PartnerRE stop-loss insurance is catastrophic coverage that covers 90% of medical and hospital expenses that exceed $50,000 and up to a maximum of $5,000,000. Request Summary of Benefits.
Monthly Cost: $42/Person

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Our Plans

At AdjusterCare, our goal is to keep independent insurance adjusters health and wellness benefits affordable. We have several options for individuals, couples and families. Extend your value with AdjusterCare’s wide range of flexible insurance plans for individuals and families.

Get More Insurance Protection

With AdjusterCare, protect more than yourself, protect your family. Our insurance plans are suited to provide insurance adjusters with the best coverage when it comes to healthcare. Insurance adjusters have seen first-hand just how much a catastrophic event can impact families and disrupt day-to-day operations. Our coverage will help protect adjusters when disaster strikes needing immediate medical attention. AdjusterCare also covers insurance adjusters with routine healthcare.

Affordable Healthcare Solutions

As an independent insurance adjuster, you lack the ability to have access to competitive healthcare solutions. AdjusterCare was created for independent insurance adjusters by independent insurance adjusters. Our healthcare plan was created to specifically tailor and meet the needs of independent adjusters. Our all-inclusive healthcare plans provides you and your family with quality healthcare coverage plans at a fraction of the cost you’re paying now.

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